Sunday, February 8, 2009

friday nite and saturday day

Friday’s POD is taken at John Medwedeff’s art opening. I was showing my friend, Betsy Bishop how my small tripod worked by setting it on the floor and taking a quick photograph, not expecting the photograph to be anything special, but, man, I love this picture! I love the composition, foreground, background, lighting, colors and sizes of the objects.

Saturday’s photograph is of my dog, JaJa Vega running through a puddle. Lazy Judy is strolling along in the background. I am intrigued by capturing action with photography. It is difficult to do with my camera, maybe I’ll experiment with a different camera later on.

More personally: I have been letting go of prejudices and ego by meditating regularly. What I get from meditation is an ability to observe my thoughts: I hold mine in one hand while I am open for other possibilities in the other hand. Previously, I would have held on to my idea as The Truth, with both hands, tightly. The beauty of mediating is that I have opened myself up to other thoughts and options. You could say that I am becoming less opinionated. Not a bad thing. Physically, I can tell a difference because I used to get tight and rigid when I thought that I was right. Now I am making an effort to relax, breathe, and allow the ideas to come. I hope that my photography will change as a result of this new letting go and opening up.

Also, a special Thank You goes out to my husband, Steve, for making a banner for Proboscis. He took this picture today at the SIU rec center pool with his underwater camera. He did the layout and everything else involved with a banner. Thanks Steve! I love you! kate.

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