Sunday, February 1, 2009

A week of blogs in one post!

It is difficult to blog when the internet is down. But I did enjoy taking photographs during our ice/snowstorm. The top photo is from a bust of Abe Lincoln at Morris Library. Look deep into his eye! Next is of a thriving indoor plant reaching towards the light, unaware of life on the other side of the pane. This bright, sunny corner of the Longbranch Coffee house with its warm colors(yellow and brown) on the interior juxtaposed with cool colors (blue and white) from the outside caught my keen eye. Followed by two pictures of my dogs, Judy and JaJa, who are extremely happy about the snow. (To keep Picture of the Day honest I must give a disclaimer: Steve probably took this picture of Judy.) After many days of snow and ice, produce at the coop looked especially green and beautiful. And the last picture is of a twisted measuring tape. I found the twist, colors, texture and light interesting.

I keep seeing things every day that are beautiful: a child on the playground, a couple holding hands, the geometry of a row of bookshelves. How about you? Have you started taking pictures at the moment of your inspiration? Are you becoming aware of your world and what you find interesting? Please share.

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