Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Interesting Bike Rack

Another late-night attempt at blogging before the mid-night deadline. I hope that you are enjoying my posts. It is a tremendous amount of fun.

Today, as I was going to the Rec Center, my eye caught this bike rack and its shadow. I found it fascinating. And I can't quite say why. I thought, I'll just take this picture on the way out. But something inside of me said, When you see the Picture of the Day, you must take the Picture of the Day. (Unlike When you meet the Buddha, kill the Buddha.) So I set everything down and paid attention to the voice. Good thing because I left the building using a different exit, so I would have missed the picture. Plus the whole image could have changed in one hour: shadows would have moved, the sunshine could have gone away, a bike could have been parked there, etc. Just like meditation (still working on this theme) it is all about being present for the current moment.

What attracted me to this image is the geometry of the curved metal, the shades of gray, the strong contrast between light and shadows. How do you feel about this picture? After looking at it for a while, it also reminds me of a large twisty straw or a potato masher.

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