Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Today I was busy from the moment I got out of bed until just now—11:OOpm. Early today, as I was driving to an appointment, I was actively searching for things that caught my eye. Nothing popped out at me. But I liked the awareness that I had as I was driving: instead of my mind drifting off into some pointless thought, I was in the moment. I’ve been cultivating this sort of mindfulness through meditation ever since I went to a meditation retreat in early November. It is interesting to think of the lens of a camera as a tool for meditation.

Driving home from my appointment on the newly widened Pleasant Hill Road, I was struck by the orange color on the roots of some trees that were cleared to widen the road several months earlier. Is this the normal color of tree roots, or might it be the result of a fungus? Who knows, but in the dreary month of January in southern Illinois, the color was an welcome embellishment to the gray landscape.

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