Sunday, January 4, 2009

My Very Own Blog!

Here it goes:

Today is January 4th and it is the fourth day of my New Year's Resolution. I've revived Picture-of-the-Day and I'll be posting my photographs here. I am using my Cannon Digital Elph Power Shot SD10 unless otherwise noted. All thanks to my husband, Steve, for helping my on this venture.

I hope that you enjoy my work. I can't decide if I want the pictures to document my daily life, so that when I look back on them we can laugh and say, "Oh we were so funny back then! We actually ordered movies online that were delivered in the US Mail! Remember those red Netflex envelopes!" Or if I just want to capture what I find particularly interesting and beautiful--using Picture-of-the-Day as a tool to help me find the beauty in my everyday world. It really could be many, many things. So I will not set objectives, limits, goals. It will simply be a daily picture from my life. It will develop as the year goes on.

So, today's picture is of the door ajar sign in our Subaru. I took it late at night upon coming home. I used a long shutter and moved the camera slightly. To me it looks like a car skidding sideways. The open doors add some excitement too: Is it a car chase? Are there people escaping from the car?


  1. What a cool picture and fantastic first post!

  2. Love it, K8! So glad you got a blog. So much drama in this photo... The dangerously incandescent car about to simultaneously eject passengers, the near miss of the haunting red blob, the incoming/outgoing red shadow missiles/bullets. Has the crisis been averted? Will the car combust? So many questions...

    Actually photography can never be about reality in my book. No matter how you try. It will always be the vision of a person seen through a lens; it will always be about the relationship between between who is behind and who or what is in front of the camera. But that is the beauty of it. We live reality, and in the act of attempting to capture it, we remake it into art. That is not a loss. It is a gain.